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Free trading can be expensive

By Gary Brooks, CFP® Charles Schwab, Fidelity and eTrade offer 500 commission-free trades for new accounts. They want you to treat your financial security like a video game. That is, keep constant watch on the screen, respond to signals (red down arrow, sell … green up arrow, buy). Le
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Market Commentary Third Quarter (2017): New Highs

Global investment markets continued to climb in the third quarter. International stocks extended their performance lead year-to-date (spurred by the weak U.S. dollar). U.S. stock indexes marked new all-time highs, led by technology and health care companies. Bonds were positive, movin
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Are Emerging Markets an opportunity or a risk?

By Gary Brooks, CFP® This article was originally published on July 16, 2017, in the Tacoma News Tribune.  In a year of robust stock market gains – performance that has disregarded the chorus from analysts and advisers to prepare for lower returns – emerging markets stocks have posted
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Second Quarter – Market Commentary

The second quarter of 2017 was generally good for global investment markets with themes echoing the first quarter of the year. Global markets posted gains, led by international stocks. Large and growth-focused companies (technology and health care primarily) were the strongest perform
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