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Individual stock performance can deviate dramatically from index returns

By Gary Brooks, CFP® Robust global stock market returns have been a cause of celebration for many investors. But if you own many individual stocks, it’s possible that your portfolio performance lagged that of broad indexes like the S&P 500. The rising market tide does not lift all
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2017 stock market review and commentary: “All-time” highs are rewritten

As far as economic and investment news goes, momentum has been a powerful force and your 2017 returns has benefitted. The S&P 500 Index of large U.S. stocks has reached a new all-time high at some point in 19 of the past 20 months. With many companies already posting record profit
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All investment forecasts end up wrong

By Gary Brooks, CFP® As we turn the calendar to a new year, many investment management and market research companies forecast future returns for various types of investments. These forecasts all use sophisticated techniques often combining economic conditions, stock and bond market da
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Bitcoin: Tulip mania or real deal?

By Gary Brooks, CFP® Over three days during the week of Thanksgiving, Coinbase, a digital currency exchange opened 300,000 new accounts. Chasing the eye-bulging rise in the price of bitcoin, Coinbase accounts now outnumber Charles Schwab brokerage accounts according to Bespoke Investm
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