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Monthly Newsletter Archive

Look through our past newsletters for our thoughts and perspectives on a range of personal finance topics from the stock market to estate planning to long-term care insurance.


  • January Newsletter: 1) 2017 stock market review and commentary: “All-time” highs rewritten 2) Individual stock performance can deviate dramatically from index returns 3) Financial services industry has a lot of issues to overcome
  • February Newsletter: 1) Thoughts on the U.S. stock market kerfluffle 2) Financial planning in your 60s; Key traits of successful investors 3) Widowed women and money: Successful transitions



  • January Newsletter – Not Available
  • February Newsletter: 1) Retirement planning: A “number” is not enough 2) Investment trading: More than just a buy / sell decision 3) Disability Insurance: More important than you may think
  • March Newsletter: 1) Ways to measure performance 2) Investing lesson from tennis 3) Understanding risk can lead to better investment returns 
  • April Newsletter: 1) Educate yourself despite DOL rule 2) Seniors: Combat financial fraud 3) Good advisors ask questions
  • May Newsletter: 1) Do you need a financial advisor or counselor? 2) How to choose a good financial advisor 3) Financial Planning in Your 20s
  • June Newsletter: 1) When stock markets decline 2) Life insurance considerations…
  • July Newsletter: 1) Retirement Spending…2) Financial Planning in your 30s 3) Delaying Social Security can boost retirement income significantly
  • August Newsletter: 1) Estate Planning: Having THE TALK with parents 2) Retiring Abroad: Things to know before you go 3) Philanthropy: When you give matters
  • September Newsletter: 1) Are Emerging Markets an opportunity or risk? 2) Financial planning in your 40s – Key questions to ask 3) Women: Strategies to Address Financial Inequalities
  • October Newsletter: 1) Estate Planning: Lining up your docs 2) Invest in your human capital 3) Life Insurance: Cover your risks 4) Cybersecurity – How to protect yourself
  • November Newsletter: 1) Financial Planning in your 50’s 2) Free trading can be expensive 3) Retirement income withdrawal strategies
  • December Newsletter: 1) Long-term Care (LTC): Cost and benefit 2) Bitcoin: Real deal or tulip mania? 3) Saving for your child’s education: Tax-efficient account options