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Personalized Wealth Guide

For clients with assets managed by BHJ of $500,000 or more, we offer customized investment portfolios and ongoing financial planning. This service is comprehensive, covering all financial matters relevant to each client, and personalized.

Advisory fees for the Personalized Wealth Guide program are:

Individuals, Households, Trusts and Private Foundations

Client Assets
First $1 million
$1 million to $2 million
$2 million to $5 million
$5 million plus
Annual fee (% of assets)
Quarterly fee

Affiliated household accounts can be aggregated to reach the next lowest fee tier if applicable. Fees are withdrawn quarterly from cash within the account.

Our Personalized Wealth Guide client minimum is $500,000 or a $5,000 annual fee.

While the fee is assessed based on the level of assets, the relationship is about far more than investment selection. To demonstrate value beyond our fee, we:

  • Take the time to understand you and your family – your wishes, wants and needs as they relate to your financial resources.
  • Help you identify life goals that will take planning, money and time to accomplish.
  • Build a sound plan to help you pursue those goals with intelligent financial and risk management.
  • Guide you through the variety of financial questions and opportunities presented to you.

We believe it’s probable that a relationship with a qualified professional advisor will offset its cost in a variety of meaningful ways. To learn more, schedule an introductory meeting.