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checklistPersonalized Wealth Guide Program
If you are retired or close to retirement and have more than $500,000 of invested assets that BHJ would manage, our Personalized Wealth Guide program is likely the best fit.
Learn more about the services and fees of the Wealth Guide program here.

navigatorFinancial Navigator Program
If you have at least several years before you plan to retire and have less than $500,000 in assets that BHJ would manage (outside of an employer retirement plan) the Financial Navigator program may be best for you.
Learn more about the services and fees of the Financial Navigator program here.

Regardless of the path you select, BHJ clients receive analysis and recommendations designed to fit their individual needs:

calculator Financial Planning
Based on your personal situation, your core values and stated goals, we use sophisticated planning tools to identify ways to optimize your pursuit of financial freedom. Learn more about our approach to financial planning.
allocationgraphInvestment Management
We build low-cost, globally balanced portfolios that take into account your personal preferences for risk/return balance and your time horizon. Learn more about our approach to managing money.

Access our client profile document and getting-started checklists.

In all aspects of our services and client relationships, we adhere to the Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct adopted by the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Board of Standards.