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Advisory Fee (ongoing investment management and financial planning)

Individuals, Households, Trusts and Private Foundations

Client Assets
First $1 million
$1 million to $2 million
$2 million to $5 million
$5 million plus
Annual fee (% of assets)
Quarterly fee

Affiliated household accounts can be aggregated to reach the next lowest fee tier if applicable. Fees are withdrawn quarterly from cash within the account.

Non-profit organizations

Non-Profit Client Assets
First $5 million
$5 million plus
Annual fee (% of assets)
Quarterly fee

Our current new client investment management minimum is $500,000 or a $5,000 annual fee.

While the fee is assessed based on the level of assets, the relationship is about far more than investment selection. To demonstrate value beyond our fee, we:

  • Take the time to understand you and your family – your wishes, wants and needs as they relate to your financial resources.
  • Help you identify life goals that will take planning, money and time to accomplish.
  • Build a sound plan to help you pursue those goals with intelligent financial and risk management.
  • Guide you through the variety of financial questions and opportunities presented to you.


Knowing that your financial needs are looked after by three qualified professionals, what is the likelihood that a relationship could add value? We believe it’s probable that a relationship with an advisor who knows you well, could:

  • Provide returns better than you may earn on your own or through a broker.
  • Reduce your investment costs significantly, offsetting the advisory fee.
  • Save you 1% a year in mistakes or uninformed choices.
  • Save you time, effort and worry that is worth more than 1% a year.
  • Increase tax efficiency resulting in higher after-tax returns.


Individual Financial Plans (without ongoing investment management)

Occasionally, we accept client engagements solely for the creation of a financial plan, not including the ongoing management of investments. In these cases, we charge a project-based fee based on the nature and complexity of your plan. Generally, our fee for a comprehensive financial plan is $3,000. You will be asked to sign a financial planning agreement and make a payment for one half of the total amount of the estimate.

After our initial getting-to-know-you meeting, a round of data gathering will be required before completing analysis and recommendations.

Our financial plans generally include:

  1. Written analysis and recommendations based on goals and assumptions used for the plan.
  2. Base-case scenario results compared to “what if?” scenario results, projecting asset growth, future cash flow and the probability of funding the identified goals.
  3. Analysis of current investments.
  4. Proposed asset allocation and investment strategy across all types of accounts.
  5. Review of financial risks and recommendations for how to address those risks through insurance.
  6. Personally specific topics such as Social Security maximization, college savings, estate planning, etc.


With the analysis and recommendations presented to your satisfaction, you have two options.

  1. You can pay the second half of the planning fee and implement the recommendations on your own, returning for guidance as needed.
  2. Or, we transition to an investment management relationship with an ongoing fee for service. The remaining financial plan fee will be credited toward investment management based on the table above.



We believe financial risk management is an important part of your overall financial objectives. Unfortunately, life, disability and long-term care insurance are primarily sold on a commission basis. To keep things transparent, we work with national insurance brokers to recommend policies from companies with the best combination of financial strength and cost effectiveness. We will provide you with a preliminary insurance quote. You are always free to solicit quotes from other resources to make sure that our policy quotes are competitive.