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What to do as US stocks hit all-time highs

Originally published in business section of The News Tribune, Sunday, Dec. 4. By Gary Brooks, CFP® Headlines in financial magazines and even mainstream news outlets have had resounding redundancy over much of the past four-plus years. Repeatedly, we’ve read: “U.S. stocks are at an all
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Investing and baseball (Part 9) – Fantasy baseball (growth vs value)

Fantasy Baseball – Another Growth vs. Value Marketplace Shortly after I began working at the Tacoma News Tribune (TNT) I was recruited into the fantasy baseball league that was comprised mostly of TNT sports staff and a few others. Twenty-plus years later, I’m still partners with Arno
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Investing and baseball (Part 8) – The rarity of valuable “players”

Cardboard Gods and Mutual Fund Managers Along with playing Strat-O-Matic, I collected baseball cards, most heavily through the 1980s. Collecting had become fairly serious business by then. The days of putting cards in the spokes of your bicycle to make it sound like a more powerful ma
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Investing and baseball (Part 7) – Keeping scores can be matter of perspective

Interpreting Who Gets Credit or Blame Both baseball and investing have rules and guidelines that help explain and interpret the activity on the field or in the market. But occasionally, even 100+ years of expanding rules and precedent don’t cover what actually happens on the field or
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