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Our Clients – Individuals and families

Our clients represent a wide range of life experiences, income levels, goals, and investment time horizons. However, they do share some common traits.

First, they have achieved a certain level of success (and typically, financial complexity) for which they seek professional help. They want to better understand how to manage, preserve and grow their financial freedom. They also typically have questions about the best way to manage the risks that they face with their assets and retirement income.

Second, many clients face a life transition (e.g., retirement, inheritance, divorce or the death of a spouse) that has prompted them to seek independent advisors who can listen and advise them regarding their financial future.

Finally, rather than spend time studying and evaluating complex and dynamic investment markets, many would rather focus on living their lives: being with family, traveling, volunteering or pursuing hobbies.

We work to help you:
1) better understand options and opportunities regarding your personal finances and how they support your lifestyle
2) develop a financial plan that integrates your goals and evaluates your likelihood of achieving them
3) manage the potential anxieties that often accompany investing in unpredictable markets.

Ultimately, rather than a never ending search to find the “next best thing” investment, we work to create prudent strategies to help you achieve your goals and manage your financial risks.

The majority of our clients reside in the Puget Sound area, from several on San Juan Island to the core of our client base in Pierce County. But we also serve clients in other states. Where there is the right fit, we are happy to visit clients at our office, at their home or business or via video conference.

If you are looking for confidence in how your money is managed and comfort with the people who provide your advice, call us at 253.534.8888 or send us a message.

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